THE ZEN INSTANT 2017 – VI Photo International Contest

You will be able to participate with one unique unpublished photograph reproducing the Zen philosophy and esthetic associated with the practice of the Way and the here and now.

The contest “THE ZEN INSTANT 2017” conforms to the following conditions:

  • Anyone can participate, with a single photo unpublished, that has not been published in any media, website or social network (unless it has been published in Whatsapp). Participants may submit to the contest 1 photo in JPG format with a maximum of 72 dpi resolution.
  • The photo must be sent to the address between 1 May and 31 May 2017. The photo must be accompanied by an email with participant data: full name, email address and phone / mobile number, Facebook profile (if active) and a clear statement to accept the contest rules.
  • Selected photos will be exhibited publicly in the album “The instant Zen 2017” in Zen Sangha Barbara Kosen profile on Facebook, between 1 and 7 June 2017 to be voted on.
    The 10 most voted photos will be selected and will go to a second round of voting, which will close on 15 June.
  • On June 16 the winners will be known, with the 3 most voted photos. The voting is based on the number of “I like” each photo receives from all visitors to the album.
  • There will be three awards:
    1. The first prize is to enjoy one of the sessions of the summer camp 2017 in the Zen Temple of Shorin-ji (Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres). The summer camp session involves a 10-day stay to practice zazen with Master Barbara Kosen and her Sangha. You can also enjoy freely the planned activities (river trips, shiatsu workshops, ikebana, aikido or reiki).
    2. The second prize is to enjoy and be part of the Kesa Sesshin, to be held in the Zen Temple of Shorin-ji on June 24 -25 of 2017.
    3. The third prize will be the enjoyment of a weekend in the Zen Temple of Shorin-ji, to be chosen throughout the year 2017 (expect weekends during the Summer Camp or Sesshins).
  • The winning photos may be used freely by Barbara Kosen Zen Sangha. The winners agrees to send a high quality version of the photo (preferable TIFF format with a 300 dpi resolution) to the same email address above. Photograph participants comply with the Facebook rules of participation and publication .


For more information write to: