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Mokusan Dojo Calle de la Magdalena, 4, 2º Izq., Madrid

Mokusan Dojo holds a free initiation class to Zen practice, i.e. Zazen, aimed at those who visit a Zen dojo for the first time. Zazen is the posture of the Buddha’s Awakening. It is necessary to receive advice from an experimented practitioner in order to attain the exact posture. Very precise instructions about body, breathing...



SHORIN-JI (GPS: N 40 09.394 + W 5 25.145) Shorin-ji Templo Zen, Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres

Practice has peeks and drops, but persists and, as it happens, February begins with a sesshin. Some things captivate us and others escape our attention. The illusion that endless engrossment in daily activities, related to work and leisure, will lead us somewhere, will lead us far, it is out there. Yet out there there’s also...


Sesshin in March

Sesshin conducted by Master Barbara Kosen on March 11, 12 in Shorin-ji. Arrival on the evening of Friday 10 (dinner at 21:00). Cost: 70 € Non-members of A.Z.T.D. must register and pay a fee of 20 €, which covers one year of membership. Registrations can be made in Shorin-ji. Contact: / +34 673 500...