Sutra_de_la_Gran_Sabiduria-1The bodhisattva of the true freedom, through the deep practice of the Great Wisdom, understands that the body and the five skandhas (feeling, perception, thought, activity, and consciousness) are nothing more than emptiness (ku) and through this understanding he helps all those who suffer.

Oh, Sariputra, phenomena are no different to emptiness; emptiness is no different to phenomena.Phenomena return to emptiness; emptiness becomes phenomena. (Form is emptiness, emptiness is form). The five skandhas are also phenomena.

Oh, Sariputra, all existence is ku (emptiness). There is no birth, no beginning, no purity, no blemish, no increase and no decrease.
Because of this, in ku, there is no form or skandha, no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no consciousness.
There is no colour, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch and no object of thought.
There is no wisdom, no ignorance, no illusion or the cessation of illusion, no decay or death, no end to decay, no cessation of suffering.
There is no knowledge, no benefit, nor no benefit.

For the bodhisattva, thanks to this wisdom that leads us to the other side, fear and dread do not exist.
All illusion and all attachment has been cut, and he can understand the ultimate end of life, Nirvana.

All the Buddhas of the past, the present and the future, can reach the understanding of this supreme wisdom which frees us from suffering and allows us to find reality.
This incomparable mantra tells us:

On, on, together, further than beyond, to the shore of satori.