About us A.Z.T.D.

The Taisen Deshimaru Zen Association is a cultural non-profit association founded in 1994 by Bárbara Kosen and her Sangha to establish and spread the practice of Zazen in Spain, continuing Taisen Deshimaru’s mission in Europe.

Our Goals:

  • To facilitate the development of the work and teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru.
  • To practice Zen meditation: Zazen, for a more authentic and less material civilization.
  • To study in depth Zen philosophy and reduce the distance between oriental and occidental civilizations; to make compatible science and spirituality.
  • To foster a better understanding between men, a true freedom of the spirit without discrimination of race, nationality, beliefs or religion.

The Association’s headquarters is the Mokusan Dojo of Madrid, located in the central district of Tirso de Molina.

Belonging to the association, the Shorin-ji Zen Temple was built in a 5 hectare wood terrain. Bought in 2001 and extended 1n 2013, it is located in the municipality of Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres. Part of the Sangha resides at the temple, where intensive practice sessions – sesshin – are regularly organized. The enjoyment of the temple is for the exclusive use of the members of the association; we all actively contribute in the maintenance and improvement of its facilities, favouring a comfortable zazen in harmony with the natural surroundings.



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Las Donations- Fuse are always welcome; they help to improve the temple’s comfort. They can be made to the aforementioned bank account.