ANGO (Summer Camp)

ANGO, in Japanese, means “living together in happiness”. Originally, it’s the reunion of the Buddha and his sangha to practice during the rainy season in India. In those times even a king, Ashoka, donated part of his lands for the celebration of this retreat which, since then, has become the most important one of all year. Taisen Deshimaru established the Ango in France in the eighties during the summer months, promoting the participation of practitioners of different nationalities. Bárbara Kosen keeps this tradition alive in Shorinji.


Three sessions in August

During 8 days, 16 days or a month, it’s about practicing in community away from the social world. We live together in nature, installed in the present moment in each action we perform: not only during zazen or kinhin, but also during samu, washing and cutting vegetables, gathering wood in the forest, watering the kitchen garden…even when we go to the restroom, we do it according to our behavior. At the beginning it may seem strange or difficult but with repetition, and through our mutual influence, a harmonious relationship between the group and the environment is established: it’s the normal condition of serenity and freedom which we bring from zazen to daily life and from daily life to zazen.

A session includes:

  • 4 preparation days with 3 zazen per day, teaching at the dojo by Bárbara Kosen, conferences on the spirit of the practice of Zen and mondo: questions and answers. Samu practice: attention brought to our actions; the material activities related with the needs of the temple’s daily life.

  • 3 days of sesshin: intensive period with 4 zazen a day.


  • August 1st – 8th – First session

  • August 11th – 18th – Second session

  • August 21th – 29th – Third session

Arrival is on the afternoon before the start of the session or during the first day in the morning.

End: the last day of the session or the following morning.

People can participate as permanents during all the duration of the summer camp, getting involved in it’s start, development and closing activities. Permanents help with the Ango’s responsibilities and, because of this, they benefit of a special fee. They have to join three days before the Ango’s start and stay at least one day after it’s ending.

Permanents must apply by writing to master Bárbara Kosen by e-mail or through the post to the addresses indicated below in the section Contact.



1 session – 300 €

Permanents – 600 €



  • To be member of the Asociación Zen Taisen Deshimaru through registering and payment of the annual fee of 20 € (it can be made in site)

  • Bring a torchlight, a bowl and a sleeping bag.