Bárbara Kosen: New Year´s Letter

Dear friend:

I am writing you this letter, with a little delay, in order to wish that this be a good year for you and to communicate some important news.

This year will be the Deshimaru year. During the Sesshin we always celebrate in May, various Masters of the transmission of the Zen of Master Deshimaru will participate. Members of the French, Hungarian, Swiss and Romanian Sanghas will participate together with their respective Masters in this commemoration. I am very happy about this, as we will have the opportunity to let more people know about Shorinji and the Spanish Zen practitioners.

Two weeks afterwards, there will be a symposium at La Gendronniére, the Temple of Master Deshimaru. This symposium will attempt to cast a light on the missions of his former disciples, a stand of Shorinji will also be present at this symposium.

What is also very important in relation to our Temple, is that we will organize two Samus. For these, it will be necessary that people stay here a certain period of time during the months of February, March and April. The two projects will be as follows:

  • The installation of the automation of the water pump that will pump water to the reservoir we built last year. In addition to this, there will be more solar panels installed.
  • Another very interesting project will be the construction of a dome that will serve as additional accommodation for people coming to Shorinji. For this particular project, we will need people that can stay at least two or three weeks in the temple. This is a great project, and will in itself be a course on the construction of domes. Clearly, coming a weekend alone is not enough.

In conclusion, the Deshimaru year. A year of love and respect for this great Master that brought all of us the practice of Zen.