Dharma Transmission Ceremony.

«Happy at the beginning, happy in the middle, happy at the end»

Master Barbara Kosen

Dharma Transmission Ceremony.


This year 2023, after ango, a happy event has occurred. Transcendental for our sangha and for the continuity of master Deshimaru’s mission in Europe developed by master Barbara Kosen.

This continuity is updated with the ceremony of transmission of the dharma – shiho – to Daniel Ungo and Gema Kyuho, which enables entitles them as successors in the lineage and perpetuates the continuity of the practice for subsequent the next generations.

Throughout the year ango there were various several preparations were made and the private ceremonies took place during the first week of september.

For the occasion, we had the help of teacher master Gyu ji Igelnick, master Jomon julien and master Ionut Koshin, who came expressly for the occasion and who assisted the master. With the preparations and all throughout the ceremony.

The intimate, direct and secret transmission (mitsu) was completed happily and satisfactorily following the tradition of our school.

In during the last and only public act of the ceremony before the sangha present, the ceremony it ended with the presentation of attributes: kesa, bowls, staff, hossu, kotsu, katsumiaku and secret documents.

After the offering to master Deshimaru, the new masters received the congratulations from all those present.

And once finished, as usual, a small celebration took place.



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