We have the winner for our contest, that due to the circumstances of this year, we have opened it to the world of video.

Sergio Fernández Borrás or Serge Borrás, has been the winner of “EL INSTANTE ZEN” 2020 with a delicate and poetic video that tells us about the connections between Zazen and Life.

Congratulations Sergio!

Instante Zen 2020 - vídeo ganador

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After 8 years organizing the photography contest “El Instante Zen” the time for change has come, linked to the phenomena and experiences that all are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with this new situation, the Sangha of Master Barbara Kosen calls the IX International Video Contest open to all practitioners and followers of Zen Buddhism.

Given the situation of confinement in our homes and reduction of personal and social relationships, the Zen philosophy and the practice of Zazen have been and continue to be a daily practice during all these weeks of isolation. An intimate and shared experience. Our Sangha has continued practicing Zazen in a group through the Zoom digital platform, and we have organised two digital sesshins.

Tell us about your experience: how Zen and Zazen have helped you and in what way.

By editing a video with a maximum duration of 1 minute and a half, you can tell us how this process has been, how it has moved you and made you change.

You can use all the resources you want and launch your creativity: photographs, music, poems, internet resources (fragments of videos, photos …) graphic design. Everything that is useful for you to tell your experience.

  1. The video must be in mp4 format and in no way exceed one and a half minutes. (90 sec.)
    • The video will be sent by email to elinstantezen@gmail.com between May 15 and 31.
    • Each video must be accompanied by an email containing the details of the participant or participants. In addition to the video in the email, the full name and city / country from which the participants come, email address, telephone number must appear. Mobile, Facebook profile (if they have one) and an explicit declaration of accepting the contest rules.
  2. The videos will be publicly exposed in the album “El Instante Zen” of the Sangha Zen profile of Bárbara Kosen on Facebook, for two weeks from Monday June 1 to Sunday June 14, 2020 to be voted without restriction on membership or not to the Sangha.
    • These votes will be obtained through Facebook “likes”.
    • It will not be possible to “advertise” on any social network to get more “likes”, nor to separate the video and publish it on Facebook independently to get more votes. Any action that is detected to get more votes (encouraging your followers, friends etc to be voted) will mean the elimination of the contest.
    • The choice of the winning video will be made based on the “I like” supports it receives from all the visitors to the album.
  3. There will be a single indivisible prize:
    • The prize is to enjoy one of the sessions of the 2020 summer camp in the Temple of Shorinji (Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres) for one person.
    • The summer camp session involves a stay for 10 days with full board to practice zazen with Master Barbara Kosen and her Sangha. You can also freely enjoy the scheduled activities (river excursions, shiatsu, ikebana, aikido or reiki workshops).
    • The enjoyment of this award in 2020 will be possible as long as the socio-sanitary situation due to COVID-19 allows the summer camp to be held in August 2020. In case it could not be held in 2020, the award would be transferred to 2021.
    • Likewise, if the winning person lives in a country outside the European Union, he/she will be able to enjoy the prize the following year (to have time to organize the trip, request permits and visas, etc).

The participating videos comply with the rules for participation and publication on Facebook.

For more information contact Belén Boville: belenbovillelt@yahoo.com