Dear friend,

You see…. This new year will be the same as the previous one, and therefore always anew. Birth or death, love or split, success or failure, money or debt, friendship or antagonism, truth or corruption, it is always difficult to keep a balance that bring us happiness. How can we obtain freedom from this floating world where we are never certain about what is going to happen to us next?

In my youth, I received the answer from Master Taisen Deshimaru, through the practice of the Way of Zen, the Zazen-Decision, the Zazen-Satori, the Decision-Satori that clarifies our days, be they sunny or stormy ones. Wathever happens, sit in the posture of the still mountain. That is my wish for you for this new year and the many others that will follow.

The following are the dates for the sesshin where we will be able to practice together at Shorinji Temple and other places of practice:


  • February 3-4, Winter sesshin at Shorin ji Temple.
  • March 24-31, samu week – massive samu concerning the dome building works, which must be finished.
  • March 30-31, Holy Week Sesshin.
  • April 28- May 1, Mokudo sesshin with Master Kosen Thibaut at Yujo Nyusanji Temple, South of France, organized by ‘Zen, simple assise’ network.
  • May 19-20, North Area sesshin conducted by Barbara Kosen, organized by the Asturias and Cantabria Zen Groups
  • June 2, Zazen+ at the Madrid Dojo, followed by the Asociación Zen Taisen Deshimaru’s annual meeting.
  • June 16-17, Kesa sesshin at Shorin ji Temple.
  • June 23-24, sesshin at the Amsterdam Dojo conducted by Barbara Kosen.
  • June 30-July 1, calligraphy course imparted at Mokusan Dojo, Madrid, by Master Christophe Ryurin,.
  • Throughout July, open samu at Shorin ji Temple for those who wish to engage in a deeper practice.
  • During August: Ango, comprising 3 sessions:
    • 1-9, with a 6-day sesshin
    • 11-19
    • 22-30
  • October 12-14, Autumn sesshin.
  • November 1-4, All Saints Day’s samu.
  • December 6-9, Marrow sesshin.
  • December 28-30, New Year’s Eve sesshin.
  • December 31, Ceremony of the 108 bell strikes, abandonment of the bonos.

Arrivals to sesshins are always expected the day before the dates mentioned.

Happy 2018; love, money and good health.

Barbara Kosen.