2017: Deshimaru year


In the teaching that I received the zen is zazen. Why did I not evolve towards a more institutionalized zen where the concentration on the ceremonies becomes the manifestation of the zen spirit? For the good reason that from the first day when I sat down in zazen, the practice has been good for me. It allowed me to rebalance my life; to make me consciously alive. It permitted me to abandon the procession of the natural discriminations that I was carrying inside myself. It directed me toward a deep knowledge of myself that naturally opened me towards the other existences. That is what I wanted to transmit to all the ones who came to the Dojo. Why to add anything else? Zen is very simple, it is the reason why it appears so complicated to us. What is important for the students is to find back the true happiness of being.

(Discourse of Bárbara Kosen in the Gendronniére Temple on the score of 50th Aniversary of Master Deshimaru arrival in Europe)


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NubeThe Taisen Deshimaru Zen Association exists since 1.994 and was founded in Madrid by Zen Master Bárbara Kosen and her disciples for the establishing and diffusion of Zen Buddhism the way that was transmitted by Master Taisen Deshimaru, who introduced Zen in Europe in the seventies. The Mokusan Dojo at Madrid and Shorin-ji Zen Temple in Villanueva de la Vera are the sites where its activity takes place.


Is the way to sit in silence, transmitted from master to disciple since Shakyamuni Buddha, who experienced awakening through this specific posture, mind and body in unity. We practice Zazen on a daily basis and in group: “more wood, a bigger fire” – used to say Master Deshimaru. We silently realize the posture of the sitting Buddha, still and clear as the full moon. Zazen is complete action, without looking for personal profit; a source of wisdom and compassion.

Zen Practice Initiation class for beginners


The dojo of the Silent Mountain. Daily practice of zazen in the center of Madrid. Practice schedules are in harmony with social life. Read [+]

SHORIN-JI Zen Temple

Located in the south west slope of mount Almanzor, in the Sierra de Gredos. Shorin-ji means Woods of Awakening Temple. Far from the worldly noise in the depths of the mountain, the simple life of transmitted practice. Read [+]